6.25% Bonds due 2027

On 9 February 2022, Orchard Bond Finance PLC (the "Issuer"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Orchard Funding Group PLC, published a Prospectus in respect of an issue of 6.25% bonds due 2027 ("Bonds").

Application will be made to the FCA for the Bonds to be admitted to its Official List and to the London Stock Exchange plc for such Bonds to be admitted to trading on its regulated market and through its Order Book for Fixed Income Securities ("OFIS") market.

Investment details

Issuer Orchard Bond Finance PLC
Partial 10% Guarantor Orchard Funding Group PLC
Expected issue date 2 March 2022
Maturity date 2 June 2027
Interest rate 6.25% per annum
Face value £100
Min. Investment £2,000